Alam Madina Music Productions (AMMP) was started in 1979 by Ali Akbar Khan (Khansahib) and Mary Khan. The family-run, independent label provided a vehicle for Khansahib to release music of his choice. Our emphasis has always been to record and archive the pure heritage of North Indian Classical music. 

Over the years we have focused on releasing live performances of Khansahib, as well as reissuing the Signature Series, a superb collection of recordings originally released on the Connoisseur Society label. These were known to many as the first albums to "turn on" America to the real world of Indian Classical music. The master tapes were recorded in New York City using various churches to capture the natural reverb. David B. Jones recorded these exceptional performances using his custom-built, vacuum-tube electronics and mixer. 

Looking forward, we are proud to carry on the family tradition by releasing Alam Khan's music to the public -- we see this as a wonderful way to keep the legacy of our family alive. AMMP will always continue to release Khansahib's performances, as we are extremely lucky to have hundreds of jewels to choose from.

As a family business, we know how important it is to be involved and to listen to each other's ideas. As part of a larger family, we would like to hear from you. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or thoughts about AMMP, and stay tuned for more releases! 

The Khan Family,
Mary, Alam, Manik and Madina