ALI AKBAR KHAN - Signature Series - vol 5 (Rag Darbari Kanada)(2010)

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Ali Akbar Khan (1922 - 2009) is one of this generation's most legendary Indian classical musicians. Considered a "National Living Treasure" in India, he was admired by both Eastern and Western musicians for his brilliant compositions and his mastery of the sarode (a beautiful 25-stringed Indian instrument). The late concert violinist Lord Yehudi Menuhin called Khan "an absolute genius... the greatest musician in the world," and many consider him "the Indian Johann Sebastian Bach."

"Darbari Kanada" is a late-evening rag played between 9:00 PM and midnight. Most classical performers treat this rag with reverence, as it is one of India's most majestic ragas. This session took place in 1969 in a New York City church, with the natural reverberation adding a tremendous and distinct element, along with audible sounds of the city streets. No attempts were made to alter the original content of the master recordings. Khan's electrifying performance of this heroic rag adds notable weight to his stature as "a musician's musician." He plays with subtlety and control along with the strength of a master.